maandag 15 september 2014

Susan Hiller

Susan Hiller - Psi Girls 1999 video installation, 5 synchronized programmes with audio, looped

The inherent contradiction that comes from living in a post-modern or post post-modern[vii] condition (which seems to suggest that not only the idea of a modernist one truth is impossible but also that any source material can be relevant to an artwork and any active participation involving technology is often at the forefront of that source). It is the post-modern condition that allows the kind of work Hiller makes to be made, regarding sampling[viii], collecting, documenting, photographing that form the basis of almost her entire practice over the last twenty or so years. The contradiction lies in the way that she is celebrating albeit maybe in a kind of ironic way, the way that people do get fascinated with themes surrounding the occult and the supernatural as if they fulfil, for some, a lacking sense or a need for spirituality .

Susan Hiller. Witness, 2000. audio-sculpture; 350 loudspeakers, 10 cd players, amplifiers, wiring,lights,etc .Witness is an audio work about seeing; In Witness relationships  between the visionary and the visualized are mediated by sound.

UFO als mandala, psyche zoekende naar stabiliteit.

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