woensdag 17 september 2014

Moon Life

Cultural artefacts from the moon, a myth from the future...

Alicia Framis and Moon Life Foundation present the Moon Life Concept Store featuring products and concepts that represent future human life in space. 18 September 2011 – 15 October 2011

The products that are specially produced for MOON LIFE CONCEPT STORE are:

COMPASS, a compass that always point the earth, by Paula Ampuero, Maria Serret  and Alicia Framis
MUSIC FOR LISTENING ON THE MOON, composed for the occasion of Moon Life by Yan Jun
THE MOON THAT SHONE ON OUR ANCESTORS is based on the idea “moontage: “moon”, “montage”” is developed by Tozer Pak Sheung Chuen
THE MOON LANDING PROGRAM, presents two LED screens that interrogate the relationship between body, experience, and cognition, by Wang YuYang
CHINESE MOON CALENDAR, an updated Chinese Moon Calendar, with a custom-made Typeface of a personal invention for the moon, by Pan Jianfeng
MOONTAGE is an approach to catch the moon in film, by Law Yuk Mui
SALUTE TO FENG ZIKAI by Pak Sheung Chuen looks for all the “suns” and “moons” from a Shanghai bookstore, bookmarking a book
TABLE WARE, glass and porcelain tableware symbolizing the random bursts of energy on the moon, visualising the energy of an impact, moon craters, freezing pressure wave by EDHV
FLAT PACK SHOES, a flat-packed carbon fiber platform construction that customers assemble themselves at the moon, by United Nude

MOON ANTHEM, music composed, by Monica Tormell
TEETHOPHONE, a small sound amplifying device which will enable future generations of humans living on the Moon to listen to sound in vacuum, by Tao Sambolec and Brian Mckenna
MOON FIRE PLACE, radio waves are received and transformed into sound, which in turn is used to modulate leds, by Tao Sambolec and Brian Mckenna
MOONDICTIONARY, a 360º concept map, an open verbal-diagram around the concept of moon [ mu:n] that shows the relationships among concepts, by Alicia Framis
COLORING BOOK, by Sandra Gnjatovic
MOON VOGUE, a bootleg of Vogue magazine for 2050, by Maryme & Jimmy Paul
MOON DUST, a model for a sustainable base on the moon with sealed chambers that are strong enough to withstand radiation and solar storms, by John Lonsdale
 MOONWORLD, a jewel that is a nano-representation of the cemetery scaled at 1:400,000,0000 in silver, by DUS architects
SPACE SUITE, protects for an organic war and could be used to withdraw on the moon for alternative living, by Atelier van Lieshout
HUMAN and KIND, eighteen different garments with different expert-specifications, like emotional connected to Earth, protective, communicative and comfortable, by Marina Toeters
HANDBOOK MOON LIFE, is a manual to learn about daily life on the moon, by Archis Foundation.


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