dinsdag 16 september 2014

Altermodernism, Metamodernism, Hypermodernism, Supermodernism, Post-postmodernism ...

Steps to go beyond posmodernism. The similarity between them is interesting.

Some refer back to the romantic period, such as Colin Falck.

architects and artists increasingly abandon the aesthetic precepts of deconstruction, parataxis, and pastiche in favor of aesth-ethical notions of reconstruction, myth, and metaxis. These artistic expressions move beyond the worn out sensibilities and empty practices of the postmodernists not by radically parting with their attitudes and techniques but by incorporating and redirecting them. In politics as in culture as elsewhere, a sensibility is emerging from and surpassing postmodernism; as a non-dialectical Aufhebung that negates the postmodern while retaining some of its traits.


Symposium in Stedelijk next week, on thursday:

#IAMSORRY is a collaborative project by Shia LaBeouf, Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner.
Focus on oscillation between the emptiness of postmodernism and finding meaning in modernism, and as metamodernism as a lifestyle.

was an exhibition in Tate London in 2009, curated by Nicolas Bourriaud.


Bourriaud is proposing the new art term ‘Altermodern’ to describe how artists are responding to the increasingly global context in which we all now live. Altermodern claims that the period defined as postmodernism has come to an end and a new culture for the 21st century is emerging. Increased communication, travel and migration are having a huge effect on the way we live now. Altermodern describes how artists at the forefront of their generation are responding to this globalised culture with a new spirit and energy. Is postmodernism dead? What does it mean to be modern today? Decide for yourself.

Bourriaud, Relational Aesthetics

If distinguished from hypermodernity, supermodernity is a step beyond the ontological emptiness of postmodernism and relies upon a view of plausible truths. Where modernism focused upon the creation of great truths (or what Lyotard called "master narratives" or "metanarratives"), postmodernity is intent upon their destruction (deconstruction). In contrast supermodernity does not concern itself with the creation or identification of truth value. Instead, information that is useful is selected from the superabundant sources of new media. Postmodernity and deconstruction have made the creation of truths an impossible construction. Supermodernity acts amid the chatter and excess of signification in order to escape the nihilistic tautology of postmodernity. The Internet search and the construction of interconnected blogs are excellent metaphors for the action of the supermodern subject.

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