vrijdag 22 januari 2016


1. going beyond ordinary limits; surpassing; exceeding.

2. superior or supreme.

3. Theology. (of the Deity) transcending the universe, time, etc. Compare immanent (def 3).

Some films, through their exceptional beauty and truth and goodness, achieved something that felt like spiritual epiphany, something immanent and cathartic and moving. I believe this is attained mainly because of a character that is transcending time, and thereby transcending death.

The ending scenes of The New World - Transcending time through innovative editing, by contrasting the moments where the character feels her imminent death upon her and the moments where she feels most alive. -, Ordet - Quite literally, a character is resurrected from the dead. - and Breaking The Waves - The main character and the love she has/had lives on. This is done by using a visual motif-symbol, namely church bells ringing. - come to mind.

Transcendental style in Film:

Der Himmel über Berlin seems to achieve the opposite of transcendence, by investigating and exploring transcendence.
Handke's and Wenders's Wings of Desire: Transcending Postmodernism

Movie still from Der Himmel über Berlin

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