maandag 27 oktober 2014

Masks and fluid identity

"Myths are always there, even if indirectly and by hidden ways, for the good reason that they are invented by the natives themselves, searching for a parable of their own fate."

"We have inherited an unconscious and ambivalent involvement with the colonial transaction of defining Europe's others as primitives, which, reciprocally, maintain an equally mythical 'western' ethnic identity."
- Susan Hiller from the Myth of Primitivism

Child as early state, a naive simple expression of unfragmented consciousness; psychological primitivism. Child as Jungian archetype.

Primitivism is integral to art?

Anthropology <-> Artist
Factuality <-> Fantasy

Man Ray - Black and white
Cultural appropriation


Loplop - Max Ernst. Alter ego; personal totemic myth, familiar spirit

Random interesting video editing of faces.

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